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New Year, New Blog pt. 1

One of my favorite humans, Gala Darling made a video of questions to ask yourself as you move out of 2017 and into 2018. I thought I would answer one of them per day as I move from my old blog to this, my new one. 2017 felt like it was about 5 years longer than it actually was. It was overwhelming and tense. It was challenging but encouraging.

Here is my response to one of Gala’s questions-

What are your top 5 moments of 2017?

  1. The Women’s March on Washington. It was incredible. I have never seen so many people in one place in my life, and never felt so many emotions all at once. I am incredibly fortunate that I was able to go, thanks to the hospitality of Lynne and Rex Martin, Paul and Anne Eggers and family, and the company of Aurelia and Kait. We drove straight from Indianapolis to Olney, Maryland to stay with the Eggers, and I will never forget the feeling of excitement building the entire way there. Every rest stop had more pink hats than the one before, and a sense of purposeful camaraderie was thick in the air. Every stop on the Metro was another wave of clever signs and solidarity.  At our last stop, we rode the escalator up and stepped off into the resistance. It was powerful and historic, and I am so glad I went. This picture was taken before we headed to the National Mall to join the march. IMG_0327
  2. Starting my booth I started renting a booth and selling my vintage fabric and accessories at the Southport Antique Mall! On move-in day they had a sweet sign with my name on it welcoming me there. I’ve enjoyed setting up my space and bringing color into people’s lives! (L-R) I painted the wall this blue/purple color, and it really stands out in the Antique Mall. The sign welcoming me on my (pre-painted) wall. A summer layout of my booth featuring a dress with pockets!  

  3. Being in a band (The Dog Momswith my sister and her wife. We played at White River State Park and the Eiteljorg Museum as two of our first gigs! Not too shabby, right? For our first gig at WRSP, we were the opening act before the Indy Shakespeare Company’s  fantastic production of As You Like It for three nights in a row. I had so many moments (in practice and on stage) where I was just overwhelmed by how proud I was of Jacci, and how grateful I am that Nicole is in our lives and our family. They are so so talented, and we sounded good, y’all. Can’t wait to do it all again! Night three of our three night gig at White River State Park.22141054_1946616302271304_2340997923758902204_n
  4. Crafternoons with Gwen (and sometimes Libby!) I got to spend some quality time with my nieces over the summer. Gwen, the oldest, loves making art and doing crafts and then displaying it proudly. We made all kinds of stuff together- chalk drawings, painted christmas ornaments, library book bags that we used Inkodye with (it’s activated by the sun, so you put shapes and letters on it as a resist and then put it in the sun to develop), jewelry, coffee filter art, and so much more. The best thing in the world is walking into their house and seeing things I’ve made with her and for her all around- on walls, on the Christmas tree, on shelves in her room, all over the place. Also, it’s rare if I leave without a work of art made just for me. I’m so glad to see her creative side being nurtured by her parents. (HIGH FIVE, VANAYE and RODNEY!) Fingers crossed that Libby will be interested too! A glimpse of the artist at work. This is just one art-covered corner in the living room. There are many more!IMG_2727.jpg
  5. Teaching Indyprov classes I had the great fortune to teach 2 adult improv classes last year.  Each class is 8 weeks long and culminates in a student showcase. Improv has brought such joy and transformation into my life, and teaching it allows me to do that for others. I learn so much from my students – about improv, about teaching, and even about myself. I admire each and every one of them for being the comedic rock stars they are. (Interested? Check out what INDYPROV has to offer you!) Level Three class (top) featuring my assistant instructor Nolan, our students Dawn, Richard, Aaron, Mary, Daniel, Kerri and Heather (not pictured). Level Two (bottom)- My assistant was Evan (not pictured), and my students were Bob, David M, Brittany, Baul, Jeremy, Erynne, Erin, Lizzie, Lily, David P, Anne and Brent (not pictured). IMG_139525508771_10213462336544331_305243948_o

2017 clearly had its moments of awesomeness. They kept me sane, inspired, motivated and grateful.