“I Want It.”

Self-Care Lessons From an Almost Three Year Old

We celebrated my oldest niece, Gwen, turning 5 last weekend. There was food and presents and cousins and princesses as far as the eye could see. My youngest niece, Liberty, didn’t care about any of that. She cared about one thing and one thing only. Cupcakes.

As you can see, they are chocolate with blue icing and edible paper characters from Frozen on top. They are delicious and magical, especially if you’re told you can’t have another one. That’s Gwen sitting sweetly behind them while we sing her “Happy Birthday.”

Every chance she got Liberty (aka Libby) was going for one. She’s almost three and very independent. We’d explain she had to eat her lunch first, then wait for us to sing, then explain that she already had two. Tears and fussing. Commence distraction tactics. So on, and so on.

That’s Libby in front, probably making direct eye contact with the cupcakes. Her cousin Savannah was a lot of fun to have there, and even took on all the dads, uncles, and granddads at basketball.

I digress… The party happened and presents were opened, dresses tried on, and relatives shyly thanked by Gwen on command. Everyone was loading out with things, I was starting to help clean up. We had thwarted several more cupcake attempts by Libby and thought we had them all squared away where she couldn’t see or reach them. It was quite a shock then, when her dad called her to leave and she casually strolls over nibbling on the fresh cupcake in her hand. I said, “Libby! Where did you get that?”

She said, “I want it.”

Turns out she had spied some that were tucked back on the counter and took matters into her own little hands. She unfortunately learned her lesson about what happens when you eat too much blue icing later that night. She woke up getting sick at 11pm and it was all blue.

Little stink pot. She’s a hoot.

As I rolled over this morning to hit the snooze again a voice showed up to scold me. “You shouldn’t be in bed! You’ve got stuff to do! People expect things from you!” I heard myself answer that voice with “I want it.”

I want to sleep in some. I’ll know when too much is too much. I need this right now. I’m trying to figure out what self care looks like for me. So far it’s:

  • Sleeping in
  • Journaling
  • Reading in silence
  • Limiting my obligations
  • Family time
  • Making things
  • Reaching out to friends
  • Making choices that are ME
  • Annoying Daisy with my love and affection
  • Cleaning and rearranging

I’ve got a lot of adjusting, adapting and maybe even re-learning to do about living on my own. It’s been so long, and it feels so strange. Do I even remember how to do this? But I can do this. I want it. And I’m not really truly on my own.

I think I want a cupcake for breakfast.

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