‘Tis the Season

I’m not exactly what you would call athletic. Or competitive. Or outdoorsy. Believe it or not though, I played softball for almost 10 years! I don’t really think about it much, but today the flashbacks are hitting me right in the feels. It’s a combination of a few things-

  • The weather! This is prime softball practice weather (minus the wind).
  • The smell of cut grass.
  • Buckets of softballs in the window at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Once inside, there are racks on racks of bright white polyester softball pants without any trace of dirt, grass, or (let’s be real) concession stand Pepsi on them.
  • YATS is playing country music (I’m on my lunch break) from the 90s, which was HUGE where I grew up, and definitely when I was playing softball.

I wasn’t any good, but I got to eat gummy worms (the concession stand people had to pick them out individually of a huge plastic tub and put them in wax paper for you), yell chants and taunts at the other team, and sometimes pick clovers in the outfield. I went to such a small school, nearly all my friends were on the team with me, so that was fun.

Ultimately I quit after my freshman year because I was just not cut out for sports. Too much pressure and stress to be in front of a crowd. Weird, huh?

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